What I Value

Firstly let me thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Navin and I am the memory maker at Shooting Spree Photography.  I won't bore you with too much information about me. Instead, let me share with you my core beliefs that I have built Shooting Spree Photography upon. The first and most important aspect of being your photographer is for me to connect with you and to know your special love story so that I can create memories that are true to the both of you. I have always valued all my relationships, be it family, friends or professional relationships. Your relationship with me will be one I value as well. I do not see this solely as a job. I see this as a relationship.

This Guide

Having seen a fair few weddings as a photographer, I have put together some recommendations you can choose to consider for your wedding day.

Groom Getting Ready - Recommended duration 1.5 hr

Grooms are usually photographed first due to the ease with which they can change in and out of their attire. (Come on guys, you got to admit its much tougher for your gorgeous bride to change into her bridal gown)

  • Leave any special items such as your suit, rings, boutonnieres,  perfume, shoes, watch,  gifts for groomsmen etc at one location. These are the first things I usually photograph so that the room can warm up to my presence and you can also take some time to... groom yourself ;)

  • Try to ensure that the room you are getting ready in is clutter free and has some space for you, me and your groomsmen to walk around. Rooms with a large bed and very little space to walk about are not the most ideal of places to get ready as it limits photography angles. 

Bride Getting Ready - Recommended duration 2 - 2.5 hr

By now you would have noticed the recommended durations for the 'Getting Ready' portions. You might think that 2.5 hours is far too long. 

  • As your photographer, this portion, to me, is a very important segment of your wedding day. You have invested in a gorgeous gown of your choice and getting your hair and make up done by a professional so that you can look your best. It is my duty to capture you looking your very best and for that, I ask that you give me more time.

  • If you have a large bridal group, it is recommended that the bride has her own hair and makeup artist. When everyone is getting made up by the same make up artist or hairstylist, any delay starts to snowball.
    It is always best to get a room with lots of natural light coming in as this helps to create more engaging photos

  • Prepare any jewellery, accessories and gifts by putting them aside (rings, jewellery, perfume, shoes, garter, bridesmaids gifts)

The Ceremony 

The bride should allow the rest of the wedding party to enter before walking. This would ensure that the full attention is on you

  • This also ensures that I can capture you completely without having the flower girl or bridal party blocking you

  • If you are having an arch or frame where the both of you are standing, consider the angle of the sun and the shadows the arch/frame might cast on your faces. 

  • Let me know your exit route and where the signing table is

  • When signing your marriage certificate, it will be good to ask your bridal party to stand behind as a show of support. They make a good backdrop too!

  • Keep group photos to a minimum. I usually ask that only immediate family members are included in the group photos at this stage. Allow about 30 minutes for family portraits.

  • If you want a large group shot of everyone at the ceremony, please let me know in advance

  • With group photos, I will usually move you to a shady spot as my main priority is that everyone's faces are captured clearly without patchy light. I usually don't prioritise the background. What's a great background if people's faces are only partially visible eh?

  • If you are planning an outdoor wedding, I recommend having the sun behind you so that you do not have to squint throughout the ceremony.

  • Have an unplugged ceremony. Request for your guests to put away their cameras and phones. This ensures that they will enjoy the moment together with you while I can take better photos with less obstruction

Couple Portraits

After the ceremony, we can break away from the rest of the group to take couple photos

  • During this period, it is your call whether you want your bridal party to accompany you. Having the bridal party along usually means more variations in shots as well as more laughable moments. If you prefer a more emotive and quiet moment between the two of you, then you can opt to go without the bridal party. It is advisable to still have at least one person to assist with the bridal gown, veil, hair and makeup.  

  • If you are planning on having photos taken in more than one location, I would recommend keeping it to no more than 2 spots. Do remember that the grounds around your reception venue may also provide fantastic photographic opportunity.

  • The best timing for photos would be between 1.5 hours before and 30 mins after the sun sets.

  • It is therefore best to plan your reception entrance slightly later so that you can make the most of the gorgeous light or as photographers call it, the GOLDEN HOUR!


It is important to let me know the flow of events as well as a general layout of the venue. This will allow me to plan where to place light stands if necessary

  • When booking reception venues, please understand that if your venue is lit by fluorescent lights, there will be a colour shift in photos from green to purple due to the way light is created in these light sources. It is always better to opt for venues with a tungsten light source. The warm colours from a tungsten light source creates very natural looking skin tones as well. 

  • Please let me know in advance on the entry sequence especially if its fast paced or involving a dancing sequence. This ensures that I am prepared ahead of time to pick the best spots to photograph your entry.

  • The reception is also a good time to get group photos with all your guests. It is entirely up to you if you want to move around the tables or have the guests come up to you.
    Lastly, enjoy the reception! Its time for laughter, dancing, music and a memorable night. Soak it all in and I will do my best to capture all the action.