My First Greek Engagement!


Last week, I was given the opportunity to photograph my first ever Greek engagement party. I have photographed a few Greek weddings so I am familiar with how intense things can get. Actually, being Indian means that I am VERY familiar with such weddings!

Anyway, this post is actually about the gorgeous couple, Maria and Spiro. I was pleasantly surprised when Maria contacted me a few weeks back to photograph her engagement ceremony. She was kind enough to ask me if I had ever photographed a Greek engagement to which I denied. Maria was amazing as she went through the timeline of events with me and even shared photos from a previous engagement ceremony to give me a better understanding of the event. She also shared some photos of her room to give me an idea of the scene. Honestly Maria, you couldn’t have made it easier for me!

So 22 June came and I rocked up as planned to a beautiful Darwin home that was wonderfully decorated. There stood Maria, gorgeously dolled up in a stunning gold gown nervously anticipating the groom-to-be’s arrival. Soon enough the man of the moment, Spiro, rocks up in an equally outstanding suit that got me all envious as far as suit jealousy goes. Before long, the ceremony was well underway and I took to the task of photographing this wonderfully planned and executed celebration of joy between Maria and Spiro. So enough talk and here are some photos from the special day.

So what did I say about Spiro’s suit? Yeah Spiro, you have some serious class mate! I might have to come to you for a styling session. Maria, before you get too jealous, you were gorgeous too in your splendid dress. You probably already know that anyway! But yeah such a stunning couple these two.

Now for the readers, I thought I’d share some information on the unique Greek tradition of bed-making called ‘Krevati’ (literally meaning bed).

This is where the bride-to-be and/or her single friends come together and decorate the couple’s future marriage bed with fresh bedding and decorations, and throw gifts, money and rice on it. Based on my extensive (I lie…) research, if the groom is present, he would have to approve the bed which sometimes means many rounds of bed making. Spiro was nice about it and did not demand a flawlessly made bed. In fairness the ‘bed makers’ did a fantastic job too. I even learnt a trick or two on how to make my own bed (Hint: I should get my wife to do it!) Moving on… small children are placed on the bed followed by gifts and money to promote prosperity and fertility for the couple.

So there’s a bit of general knowledge for those of you who weren’t aware. Now, more photos!

So there you have it… Maria and Spiro, happily engaged! Congratulations to you too once again and thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to photograph your engagement. Happy loving you too!