5 Benefits of an Engagement Photography Session


And so, the momentous question has been asked. Down on one knee, “Will You Marry Me?”. Now the weeks and months that follow are generally filled with excitement involving a certain degree of wedding planning. Do we decide on a date first? Or maybe we should look at venues first? Then comes the guest list which is always a cause of major migraines. Should we invite Aunty Nancy? That would mean we must invite Uncle Drew! Oh and if he comes, his kids Bess and Marvin will be there! But wait there’s more! If they come I would have to invite George and Ned too! THIS IS TOO DIFFICULT!

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Now if you’ve smelt a rat with the names above, congratulations for I now declare you a worthy winner of the Nancy Drew fanatic award. Not that I am one myself. I’ve just finished watching Stranger Things 3 if you can catch my drift.

Anyway I digress… Planning a wedding is no mean feat. Lots of sweat, tears and sometimes blood (damn those papercuts!) are usually shed in the process of planning a wedding. Finally, the big day has arrived and everything culminates to a gargantuan gathering of love. As your partner and you pout your lips for your first wedded smooch, off goes the camera and flashes. How comfortable would you be in front of a stranger spying on you like a creep, pointing a large object at you two and snapping away like a deluded perv every time a romantic opportunity arises?

Brisbane Engagement Photography

BUUUT!!! It doesn’t have to be this way. Cue Engagement Photography! I cannot recommend enough the importance of a pre-wedding shoot, engagement session, warm-up photography, test shoot (call it whatever you want). First and foremost, it gives you and your partner time to interact with your photographer. As a photographer who gets the privilege of intruding into my clients’ personal space (no seriously, sometimes I am so close that passersby mistake the kissing couple for a tripartite smoochfest) I must reiterate the importance of rapport building between you and the photographer.

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The second benefit is that an engagement session allows you to have a feel of how your photographer directs and leads the session. Let’s face it, many of my couples do need some direction in their posture, where to look etc. Natural shots are great most of the time but there are moments that do demand some level of direction and an engagement session is the best way to trial this.

The third benefit is that you get some great photographs that you can use for display on the day of the wedding, on your invitation cards, wedding webpage and even in your home for a visual depiction of your love story.

Brisbane Engagement Photography

The fourth benefit is that you get to see the photos and have a discussion with your wedding photographer on which ones you really liked and which ones you did not like as much. This allows your photographer to understand your preferences.

The fifth and last benefit is that it makes photography sessions on the your actual wedding day go faster. You already have an idea of how the shoot will take place and your photographer understands your preferences as well. This means no awkward poses that you are not comfortable with and even if that happens, the relationship between your photographer and you has been established and you will feel comfortable enough to tell your photographer to skip that bit.

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So if you have already been engaged. I highly recommend booking in an engagement session with your wedding photographer. You can thank me later. OK you don’t actually have to thank me but if you find this post useful, do share it with your friends and family :)

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